Steel Handrails

Welded Type Handrails

Welded Type Handrails are fabricated as per client drawings, Vertical Handrail Posts, Horizontal Top and Mid Rails, Toe or Kick Plates all are welded together before Painting or Galvanizing.

Our fully fabricated Handrail systems are used in Walkways, Stair cases and storage tanks.

Steel Handrails

Modular Type Handrails

Steel Handrails

Our handrail stanchions are upright vertical posts that can be supplied in various diameters, designed to withstand various loads. Available in Tubular or Solid Bar Construction

  • Airport, Sewage Treatment Plants, Desalination Plants, Independent Power Projects, Oil & Gas Sector, Food & Beverages, Chemical Plants, Textile Industries, Paper Industries, Marine, Ship Building, Dry Docks, Railways, etc.

Steel Ladders

Steel Ladders with or without Safety Cages

Our Steel Ladders are Constructed as per European or American Standards. The ladder and cage can be supplied as per special client requirement or standard off the shelf ladder, fully welded or bolted to enable self-assembly on site.

Finish can be self colour, primed, galvanised or painted to the client's specification.

Our steel caged or uncaged fixed access ladders provide safe, easy and economical access for applications in many different environments such as Oil Rigs, Petrochemical Plants, Sewage Works, Ships, Harbour Walls, Airports, Aero plane Hangars, Manhole access and provide an ideal solution for maintenance access in most buildings.

Steel Handrails