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Steel Stair Treads Supplier in UAE

Steel Stair Treads

Each stair tread is supplied with end plates complete with slotted holes for easy installation. As an option Stair Treads can be manufactured without end plates as well.

Typically we will supply the stair tread with a slip resistant pyramid nosing bar. Other types of nosing are available on request.

Standard sizes of our stairtreads are 250mm and 280mm wide x 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm long. Customized sizes are available on request.

Guideline for Stairs
Steel Stair Treads Supplier in UAEStair treads are designed for a simply supported condition when having a single concentrated imposed load of 1.5 KN spread over as area of 150mm x 150mm placed at the center of the edge of a tread.

The maximum recommended deflections are 1/200th of the effective span or 6mm whichever is lesser. Where a staircase is not to BS4592-1:2006 the following will assist you on the staircase flight information. The height (H), length of flight (L) and width (W) of a staircase are the most obvious dimension for constructing stairs.

An anti-slip toe edge nosing has been fitted to the front of the steps. This creates a clear visual distinction between the separate steps, and also increases load capacity. The steps are fitted with welded side plates for mounting to the stair stringers, which are predrilled with the required mounting holes.

FRP Stair Treads
Steel Stair Treads Supplier in UAE

The Ferro tread safety stair treads are self-supporting with a coloured reinforced front nosing. They are manufactured using the Teknotex process using self-extinguishing fire retardant resins. The stair treads have a permanent antiskid surface using integrated quartz silica grains. Standard colours: Green with Yellow front nosing or Grey with Black front nosing.

Steel Stair Treads Supplier in UAEFRP/GRP Step Cover
Hand lay up composite flat panel manufactured with fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat and Cross Weaving Mat, with an antiskid surface using integrated silica quartz grains. Standard resin: isophthalic fire retardant.