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Stainless Steel Gratings

Ferrograte offers a wide range of Stainless Steel (INOX) grating, ideally suited for applications where the potential for rust or corrosion is a major consideration. We can manage the entire project, from drawing and layout specification, through manufacturing and quality control to delivery.

SS Manhole Covers

Ferrograte Manufactures the Manhole covers that are widely used in Shopping Malls, Commercial Complex, Residential Units, etc., Manhole Covers are usually manufactured in Standard Sizes. Custom-made sizes is also available upon request.

SS Access Covers

Ferrograte Manufactures the Access Doors that are widely used in Walls (or) Ceilings which provides ease in access for Maintenance/ Emergency Admissions. We manufacture flush or recessed type in standard sizes and custom-made sizes also available upon request.

SS Fabrications

Our goal is to provide the highest quality equipment and services to our clients most of whom operate in the most remote and harsh environments on earth. We are committed to assist our clients achieve their objectives in the most cost-effective manner with the lowest impact on environment without compromising quality.

SS Floor drains & Floor trap

Supplied in the requested lengths (up to 6 m in one part, beyond 6 m, in two parts). With or without fixing plates, with or without safety cage, they can be adapted to any application. Their lightweight structure further helps easy installation.

SS Linear drain & Shower Drains

Ferrotech specialise in the Design, Fabrication Supply, & Installation of advanced FibreGlass Reinforced Plastic (FRP/GRP) Structural. We partner with clients to Develop Suitable Solutions that deliver considerable savings in life cycle costs & health & safety benefits; trenches & Manholes We offer a precision cutting service at our GRP Processing Centre to meet your exact specifications and a cost-effective installation service. FRP/GRP is perfect suitable to cover the open

Tactile Indicators

Ferrotech FRP Cable Tray system are Manufactured from Glass Armoured thermoset fire retardant resins. Available in different range, applied for ideal locations where the Metallic systems get easily corroded. Our FRP Cable tray system meet Stringent Fire Retardant requirements & includes advantages as Anti Corrosion, High Strength, No Earthing, UV Resistant, Good Electrical Insulation, Low ThermalConductivity, etc.,