Shear Connector Studs Supplier in UAE

Shear Connector Studs

Shear Studs and Metal Decking Studs manufactured by Ferrograte are the very best in the industry. The one major advantage of our stud connectors is the composite action they achieve with concrete. Our shear studs and fasteners can be easily seen in most composite structures in UAE.


  • Flexibility in the design of construction
  • Very high rate of production
  • Ease of operation
  • No specific skill is required for welding

Any industry that needs durability, speed, par excellence quality and high load bearing capacity during construction can make use of Ferrograte superior shear connectors.

We offer headed shear connector studs that can be used in any concrete connections. The standards connector studs that have a stock availability throughout the year have the following dimensions:
Stud Dia. (d1) Stud Dia. (d2) Length (L) in mm
16 32 50/75/100/125
19 32 75/100/125/135 - 250
22 35 75/100/125/135 - 250
25 40 75/100/125/135 - 250
Shear Connector Studs Supplier in Qatar
For different lengths, we accept customized orders for Special Fasteners from clients across the world.