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Garbage Chutes in UAE

Waste Management Products

Ferrograte offers a wide range of Waste Management Products manufactured in accordance to BS Standards. Our Products working with Gravity flow system that transfer the waste from the top rise to bottom level of the building. The waste will be collected in a container at the end point and Transferred outside of the building. In this section we cover the waste management products namely:

Garbage/ Linen Chutes
Garabge Containers

Waste Management Products Dubai

Garbage & Linen Chutes
Ferrograte Manufactures The Garbage Chutes & Linen Chutes with high quality as per International Standard. The system is of telescopic type which provides easy erection of tubes. Every floor is with stainless steel intake doors and fitted with indicator bulbs. The doors are interlocked to restrict the simultaneous opening at different floors. The interlocked doors are connected to an electrical control panel. The heavy duty chute offset tube fitted at the bottom end, reduces the freefall impact of the garbage. Linen chutes with intake doors are installed in hotels to give easy access to the laundry room. The linen chute tubes have a smooth interior surface to allow free fall of the soiled fabrics without any damage and obstructions.

Thickness : 1.2mm upto 2.5mm
Diameter of Chute Tube : 500mm/ 600mm/ 700mm/ 800mm/ 900mm
Door Type : Bottom Hinged / Side Hinged
Material : AISI SS 304 / 316 Grade

Garbage Container
Ferrograte Manufactures Garbage Container Placed at Bottom of Chute Tubes Which Collects the Waste Products. Our Garbage Container are available in Rectangular and Cylindrical Shape.

Specification - Rectangular
Height : 1200mm
Length : 760mm / 800mm / 840mm / 960mm
Capacity : 0.912 m3 / 0.960 m3 / 1.01 m3 / 1.15 m3
Material : Galvanized Steel / Stainless Steel

Specification - Rectangular
Diameter : 650mm / 700mm / 750mm
Capacity : 0.332 m3 / 0.385 m3 / 0.442 m3
Material : Galvanized Steel / Stainless Steel

Garbage Container UAE & Kuwait