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Steel Ladder Supplier in Kuwait and UAE

FRP / Steel Ladder Supplier

FRP Vertical Ladders

FRP Vertical Ladders Supplier in Kuwait and UAE Corrosion proof ladders
Manufactured with isophthalic resin putruded profiles. Fixed vertical ladders are suitable for any application in corrosive environments.

Excellent mechanical resistance
The excellent mechanical resistance and the anti-slip rung profile, make the ladders ideal for intensive use. Model 470 is in conformity with EN 14122 standards.

Easy to use
Supplied in the requested lengths (up to 6 m in one part, beyond 6 m, in two parts). With or without fixing plates, with or without safety cage, they can be adapted to any application. Their lightweight structure further helps easy installation.

Steel Ladders with or without Safety Cages
Steel Ladder Supplier with or without Safety Cages Our Steel Ladders are Constructed as per European or American Standards. The ladder and cage can be supplied as per special client requirement or standard off the shelf ladder, fully welded or bolted to enable self-assembly on site.

Finish can be self colour, primed, galvanised or painted to the client's specification.

Our steel caged or uncaged fixed access ladders provide safe, easy and economical access for applications in many different environments such as Oil Rigs, Petrochemical Plants, Sewage Works, Ships, Harbour Walls, Airports, Aeroplane Hangars, Manhole access and provide an ideal solution for maintenance access in most buildings.