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Moulded Gratings

Ferrograte grating must be manufactured in a single moulding process (monolithic product) using continuous pre-tensioned and pre-impregnated glass fiber roving strands, thoroughly wetted with a chemical resistant polyester, orthophthalic, isophthalic or vinyl ester halogen-free fire retardant resin system. Ferrograte offer a complete line of fiberglass grating and accessories. Combining strength with unmatched corrosion resistance, fiberglass gratings are offered in two distinct product lines, molded or pultruded.

Pultruded gratings

Pultrusion is a continuous process in which the glassfibers, glass matting and a synthetic surface veil are literally “pulled” simultaneously through a polyester or vinyl ester resin bath. The desired geometric shape is formed as they are pulled through a heated steel die as the composite hardens.

FRP Pultruded Profiles

Structural profiles are manufactured using a pultrusion process (polymerisation of a profile pulled through a heated die) and contain up to 70% fibreglass, ensuring exceptional mechanical strength. Their structure, composed of continuous directional glass fibres, gives them excellence resistance to impact and fatigue (overloading does not cause permanent deformations).

FRP Platform

FERROGRATE design, manufacture & supply FRP / GRP WALKWAY & ACCESS PLATFROM by using Structural profiles, this custom-made platform is acid-base corrosion resistant, and easy for installation

FRP Handrails

The handrail system components are manufactured with the pultrusion process (raw materials pulled through a resin bath and pre forming die) and contain up to 70% fiberglass which guarantees remarkable mechanical properties.

FRP Ladders

Supplied in the requested lengths (up to 6 m in one part, beyond 6 m, in two parts). With or without fixing plates, with or without safety cage, they can be adapted to any application. Their lightweight structure further helps easy installation.

FRP Access Covers

Ferrotech specialise in the Design, Fabrication Supply, & Installation of advanced FibreGlass Reinforced Plastic (FRP/GRP) Structural. We partner with clients to Develop Suitable Solutions that deliver considerable savings in life cycle costs & health & safety benefits; trenches & Manholes We offer a precision cutting service at our GRP Processing Centre to meet your exact specifications and a cost-effective installation service. FRP/GRP is perfect suitable to cover the open

FRP Cable Trays

Ferrotech FRP Cable Tray system are Manufactured from Glass Armoured thermoset fire retardant resins. Available in different range, applied for ideal locations where the Metallic systems get easily corroded. Our FRP Cable tray system meet Stringent Fire Retardant requirements & includes advantages as Anti Corrosion, High Strength, No Earthing, UV Resistant, Good Electrical Insulation, Low ThermalConductivity, etc.,