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Aluminum Gratings

Aluminum grating is corrosion-resistant, non-sparking, and rustproof. It has many applications due to its light weight and high strength. It is ideally suited for use in corrosive environments and finds wide applications as walkways and platforms in sewage treatment plants, refineries, chemical processing plants, pumping and compressor stations, and aboard ships and barges. Because it does not rust, it is commonly used in breweries, bottling plants, and food preparation and storage facilities. In munitions plants and other volatile industries and areas, its non-sparking properties make it a must for safety. It is available in standard or anodized finishes.

Aluminum Handrails

Ferrograte Modular railings are designed to provide you strong alternative for fabrication of pipe structures. Combination of our Ferrograte Aluminum structural fitting forms a versatile, economical, and durable method of building tubular structures. Our Modular railings are only one-third the weight of iron railings, with about 75% of comparable tensile strength.

Aluminum Ladders

Ferrograte Aluminum Ladders are high corrosion resistant, light weight, reliable, durable, safe and easy to install. Our Ladders are most recommended in external and internal applications such as High rise buildings, Shopping malls, Educational institutions, Hospitals, Sewage treatment plants, Chambers, Pumping stations, Power Plants, Metro stations, Tunnels, Airports and other Industries.

Aluminum Access Covers

Ferrograte Manufactures the access Hatch Covers that are widely used in Roofs, Floors or as Water tank Covers. Our Access Hatch Covers are manufactured in standard sizes and custom-made sizes also available upon Request.

Aluminum Gangways

Ferrograte offers top quality AL Gangways that are light and asthetically pleasing. Our aluminium gangways are maintenance free affordable option to maximize the use of your gangways. Our Wharf Ladders and Gangways are widely used in Marine and Offshore Applications.

Aluminum Manhole Covers

Ferrograte manufactures Aluminum/ Stainless Steel manhole covers that are widely used in shopping malls, Commercial Complex, Residential Units, etc. Manhole Covers are usually manufactured in standard Sizes. Custom Made sizes is also available upon request.

Aluminum Access Platforms

Ferrograte Aluminum Platforms are designed with high corrosion resistant, impact resistance, light weight and easy to install. Ferrograte Aluminum Access Platforms are most recommended in external and internal applications in Sewage treatment plants, RO Plants, Marine Industry, Pumping stations, Power Plants and other machinery access requirements.