Aluminium Handrails

Aluminium Handrails

Ferrotech Manufactures Aluminum Handrails that are widely used in Highly corrosive environments which is light in weight and aesthetically pleasing. Our Aluminum Handrails are available in both welded and Modular Options.

Available in 6063/6065 & 6082 Grades Special alloys can be made upon request.

Aluminum Handrail Features :
  • Aesthetic Look and speed rail Design
  • Lightweight, Corrosion resistant
  • Low Long-Term Maintenance
Aluminium Handrails

Aluminum Modular Handrails

Ferrograte Modular railings are designed to provide you strong alternative for fabrication of pipe structures. Combination of our Ferrograte Aluminum structural fitting forms a versatile, economical, and durable method of building tubular structures. Our Modular railings are only one-third the weight of iron railings, with about 75% of comparable tensile strength.

Aluminium Handrails

Because our modular Aluminum Pipe Railing Fittings can be easily installed with a hex key and pipe cutters there is no need to weld, thread or drill saving you both time and money.

Available Sizes :
  • 33 Series – Light duty Application –33.3 mm OD Pipe
  • 42 Series – Medium duty Application –42.6 mm OD Pipe
  • 48 Series – Heavy duty Application –- 48.26 mm OD Pipe